Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GSG 1911 22LR IPSC Open Gun Project

It had to happen eventually. I just couldn't resist the temptation of creating an Open gun out of a Sig Sauer (GSG) 1911-22 pistol. So I took an older C-More Railway Red Dot that I had laying around and mounted it on my GSG. The comp is a prototype in the video and the finished design is now available HERE.  I plan to replace the Grip Safety / Beaver Tail with a more ergonomic one. I find the stock grip safety to be a bit uncomfortable. I also plan to replace the main spring housing with a new flat one with an Integrated Magwell since the +2 and +3 basepads work great with magwells. I'll keep you updated as the progress continues.

1911 C-More Comp Mount - C-More Mount
1911 C-More Comp Mount - C-More Mount
Single side design helps eliminate ejection interference. Front deflector shield protects the lens from blast residue. Mounts on the dust cover using C-More hole spacing; two additional holes give increased support. Includes a removable thumb rest. Accepts C-More Glock slide-ride mount and Weaver-style rails. Mfg: Allchin SPECS: Aluminum matte finish. 4.5'''' (11.5cm) long. 1.7oz. (48g). Includes screws and instructions. Gunsmithing fitting recommended.

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