Monday, July 15, 2013

80% AR15 Lower - Making an AR-15 without the Government knowing about it.

As a hobbyist, I love doing little projects. Give me some parts for an AR15 and I am extra excited. At the 2013 Texas Multigun Championships I met Will of and learned about his 80% lowers for sale. Soon after the match I dropped by his shop to see for myself. An 80 percent lower is basically an AR15 lower that is only 80% complete in the definition of the ATF. So it can be shipped directly to your house without any FFL forms involved. The cool thing about these lowers is that WhiskeyArms ships them with all the tooling and jigs needed for you to complete the gun with pretty much standard power tools. Granted, in the video to follow, I used a real mill to complete mine. But judge for yourself if this project is for you... Now all I need is to pick a color to finish mine.

Mill Instructions:

Drill Press Instructions:


  1. Thanks for the video Nic. I bought one but I've been a bit reticent to give it a try. I'm just going to write up a plan and give the thing a whirl.

  2. Beginning long-range shooting gear recommendations anyone?
    AR-15 lower parts