Thursday, October 30, 2014

High Capacity Magazine Upgrades for Compact 22 Pistols

Shoot more, load less! If you own a Ruger SR22, Walther P22, or the new Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 22 pistol, then you know how much it sucks to be limited to only 10 rounds of 22LR per magazine. These magazine modifications will give you extra rounds in the clip so you can shoot more and load less. For the Walther P-22 magazines, you will get an extra 3 rounds in the factory 10 round mag. The Ruger SR-22 pistol mags will also be increased to 13 rounds over the stock 10. If you own the S&W M&P22 Compact, you will get 14 rounds in the factory 10 round magazine. That's 2 more rounds over it's full sized M&P 22 brother. Own one of those? Visit and see our mag upgrades for that pistol to get 15 rounds over the factory 12.

Please note that with the shockbottle follower, you will loose the slide lock to open on the last shot fired (the slide will not lock back on an empty mag upon firing the last shot).

Due to US restrictions I can only ship to US addresses. Sorry for the inconvenience.

 Taylor Tactical Supply

shockbottle nictaylor00 Walther follower magazine upgrade high capacity P22 P-22
Walther P-22 P22 / P22Q / PPK / PPKS 22lr
13 Round Mag Modification

$12.99 +S/H

shockbottle nictaylor00 follower hi-cap SR-22

Ruger SR22, 13 Round Mag Modification

$12.99 +S/H

shockbottle nictaylor00 follower rounds modification upgrade hi-cap S&W

S&W M&P 22 Compact 14 Round              Mag Modification

$12.99 +S/H

traction grip friction performance tape decal S&W
Smith & Wesson M&P22 Grip Tape

Set of Three (3) $9.99



  1. How often do the rounds fail to feed or fire on the M&P 22 C?

  2. So far both my M&P 22 and M&P 22 Compact have been flawless.

  3. Please tell me a 15rd mag upgrade is in the works for Walther PPQ M2 22 12rd mags.

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  5. I purchased these but the bottom piece of the clip slides off too easily now, I've had them come apart at the range on me, I went back to the original.