Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Desert Eagle 50AE, Not Just a Video Game Weapon

For those that have seen or use the Desert Eagle pistol in your video game play or even airsoft wars. Most of you know it shoots a 50 caliber bullet but have most likely never held or even seen the gun and its ammo. The first video below is shot with a high speed camera with a relatively new shooter attempting to shoot a bowling pin with the 325 grain projectile. Note the recoil or flip of the gun and the huge fireball. Keep in mind this video was shot in daylight. The flash from the muzzle is blinding in the dark.

Want to see more details and a closer look at the Desert Eagle 50 AE? This video below is a review of the gun. Be sure and watch to the end for some footage of other new shooters taking shots with it and a Freedom Arms revolver chambered in the same 50AE cartridge. That revolver is not for a new shooter. The recoil is unbearable.

In the videos below I will show you the process of reloading this monster 50AE (50 Action Express) round. Even though the video(s) is caliber specific, the information on the process is pretty much universal for reloading other calibers. If you are curious about reloading or looking for information on the subject, these two videos are for you.

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