Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get into the Fight! National 2nd Amendment Day: "A Call to Action!"

This is not really my cup of tea.  When it comes to political talks, I tend to join the silent majority.  But there is no way I will sit on the sidelines on this issue of "gun control".  I will not sit by and watch more of my freedoms be taken away from me bit by bit.  Its bad enough that we are taxed as much as we are, but when our self serving government officials prepare to take away the very tools that help to ensure our self protection, it is time to step up and be silent no more.  Please do what you can to help fight this power hungry, ever encroaching and stifling government.  You and I are small, but in numbers, we can become bigger.  The only real way to become bigger is to join pro gun groups such as the NRA.  Contact your egotistical representatives and tell them to NOT support any new gun legislation.  Let them know you will be following their actions on this matter with great interest.

History tends to repeat itself.  You only have to crack open your school history books to see the trends where the population is forced or tricked into becoming unarmed, followed by great atrocities.  If we were unarmed today, we might not see these atrocities in our life time.  But there is no guarantee that your children will not suffer them.

Don't give in... not even an inch. Otherwise we will look like Australia in this video below.

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