Monday, January 7, 2013

Youth Rossi Single Shot 410/22LR

My son wanted an $89 airsoft rifle. I made him a deal. I told him I would get him a shotgun if we could pass on the airsoft gun (I had already told him I would get him an airsoft). I figured the shotgun would be a better investment over the long run and he would get more use out of it. As a bonus the 410 Rossi that we got came with a 22LR barrel for about $150 total. Not a bad deal. Needless to say he was very excited and can not wait to shoot it. We'll be heading to the ranch this weekend for one last hunt and of course for him to try out his new scatter gun :)

Update: since we go it we decided to give it a camo paint job. So when a cousin of mine was visiting while on leave from the Army, he did the work. Click here to see it

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