Thursday, February 7, 2013

2012 Texas Single Stack Championship Videos

The Single Stack Championships followed strict rules where only single stack 1911 pistols could be used. All magazines were to only hold 8 rounds which means I was unable to use my 10 round mags and download them to 8. All mag pouches on your belt had to be worn on the side or behind you... not like in USPSA or IPSC where you can have mag pouches on the front of your body. Plus your holster had to be worn on the side or behind you. If you notice in these videos I am using a simple leather loop style holster. I was planning on using my Blade Tech DOH holster but the drop-offset was illegal per single stack rules. This was a great match and once I figured out I had a "sticky" magazine that would not drop free, my match ran much smoother.

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