Thursday, March 14, 2013

STI Ranger II Single Stack 1911 Chambered in 40S&W

The STI Ranger is a commander sized 1911. This particular gun is chambered in the 40 Smith & Wesson as compared to the more popular 45ACP that the typical 1911 represents. This gun has been hard chromed to enhance the performance and wear. A few more additions include STI Recoil Master, Dawson ICE magwell, Dawson front and rear sights and grip panels from 10-8 Performance. Even though this gun has a bull barrel giving added weight to the front, it still recoils like a mother. I do not recommend the 40S&W in this configuration. It's not pleasant to shoot.


  1. Great Review, one thing you forgot to include was the cost. I will rewatch this on youtube, you really make great content.

  2. It aint cheap that is for sure. Base price is around $1,100. Then you figure what he had done to it including the grips, trigger and chrome job.