Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 Double Tap Championships First Person Shooter Videos

The 2013 Double Tap Championships in Wichita Falls Texas was 13 stages of pure adrenaline. The 2013 match had the theme for Men In Black, MIB. So all of the stages had something to do with the movie series. This is one my most favorite matches to shoot where speed really pays off if you can turn it up. Its also one of the more difficult matches to film due to the barricades and stage variety. So in this series of videos below I have broken them down into the First Person Shooter view or FPS, (this is the view that I see as I shoot). If you watch the videos on Youtube, you will be allowed to click on the links near the end of the video and see the "behind the scenes" detail with stage breakdown and scoring. So be sure and watch the videos to the end.

See the entire selection of DoubleTap videos on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/nictaylor00 with clickable links.

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