Monday, February 17, 2014

Colt 1911 Style / Variant Pistol - Action & Tuning Clean-Up

Seems like everyone is making a 1911 pistol of some kind these days. Unless you buy a custom gun, you are most likely going to get something right off the assembly line. These guns should work and have most likely been tested for function and whatever criteria the factory has for quality. However it may not be as refined as if you bought it from a custom gun maker.

So in this video(s) I will show you a couple of very simple things you can do to your 1911 to clean it up and give it a more smoother action and perhaps a lighter trigger pull.

DISCLAIMER: By modifying your pistol from factory specs, you may be opening yourself up to some liability so please do it at your own risk. I do not take responsibility in your actions. This video is for informational purposes only and I assume no risk.

Colt 1911 Kimber Wilson Combat Bill RRA Remington government

Want to tune your 1911 to shoot faster? You can easily do it with RECOIL SPRINGS

Can't figure out how to put it back together?:

1911 Auto Match Grade Triggers - Long Curve Nylon Trigger
1911 Auto Match Grade Triggers - Long Curve Nylon Trigger
Rigid stainless steel bow attached to extremely lightweight durable shoe has tabs for take up adjustment to provide a crisp-feeling trigger. Shoes are available in your choice of glass-filled nylon or aluminum and come equipped with an overtravel stop screw. Precise bow tolerances maintain proper magazine clearance for smooth function. Mfg: Sti SPECS: Bow - 4140 stainless steel. Shoe - Glass filled nylon or aluminum. Long Curve Trigger is 2-7⁄16'''' (6.1cm) long .239'''' (6mm) wide. Short Curve Trigger is 2'''' (5.7cm) long .237'''' (6mm) wide. Aluminum Trigger is 2'''' long .217 (5.5mm) wide.

1911 Auto Mainspring Housing - Bl/Fl Fits Gc - Chainlink
1911 Auto Mainspring Housing - Bl/Fl Fits Gc - Chainlink
Classic and contemporary looking mainspring housings combine form and function so there is no compromise in grip control even though they look great. Flat shaped housings are available with popular 25 lpi checkering preferred by many shooters as well the latest Snakeskin Chainlink and Chainlink II patterns that provide a secure gripping surface without the "sharpness" of machine cut checkering. Because they won't abrade your hand or clothing they make the perfect addition to competition carry and tactical guns. Chainlink model also available with integral lanyard loop for attaching a weapon retention device. Traditional Arched housing rides high in the heel of th Mfg: Ed Brown SPECS: Steel blued or stainless steel (SS) natural finish. The Government Model housing features drop-in installation in all full-size 1911 pistols including full size Para-Ordnance pistols such as the P-14 and P-16. All housings will work great with any finish or type of steel including alumin

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