Friday, February 28, 2014

IPSC Modified Pistol for Competition

Here is a quick look at an IPSC pistol for the "Modified" division. This particular pistol was designed and built by Shred2DotNet and Dawson Precision.

This gun was used by Shred2DotNet at the 2011 IPSC World Shoot in Rhodes Hellas Greece. If you receive a copy of Front Sight Magazine (the publication for USPSA members) you will see Shred shooting this pistol in the article about the world shoot.

Notes from Shred:
Hi everybody, here are a few more trick features on the gun
-- The bolts holding the scope and the nub on the blast shield act as a backup iron sight for quick location of the dot in odd positions
-- The custom scope mount has a groove that lowers the sight and lets me drop in a pre-sighted spare (this is important with the STS)
-- The frame weights up front are tungsten-- heavier than lead
-- The XX on the basepad grip surface means the mag holds 20 rounds

Oh yeah. Me & the gun placed #15 at the 2011 World Shoot and a few weeks later won the 2011 US IPSC Nationals.

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