Friday, May 3, 2019

16 Round Magazine Kits for the Smith & Wesson M&P22 COMPACT

Many people have asked for it and now they are available.  Here are the mag kits for the M&P22 Compact pistol to upgrade your factory 10 round magazines to 16 rounds.  The kits are comprised of an aluminum basepad, new magazine spring and follower.  By simply disassembling your factory 10 round mag and installing the hi-cap kit to the magazine tube, you can get 16 rounds in the mag.  With 1 in the chamber, that is 17 rounds in the gun!

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For those of us with larger than normal hands, you may find the COMPACT grip a bit small.  The added length of the basepad gives your paws more surface area to grip on.

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The M&P Compact 22LR pistol uses the little button the side of the factory magazine to engage the slide lock on the pistol.  That means when the factory magazine is shot empty, the little button makes the slide stay open on the gun.  When you install the 16+1 magazine kit you no longer use that little button so the slide lock on the pistol will not work.  However, the NicTaylor "locking follower" is designed to engage the bolt face of the pistol when the mag is empty and thus lock the pistol open.  This is similar to how the AR15 22LR conversion kits work.  The down side to this is that the mag will not drop free since the slide is resting on the follower.  You will have to either pull the slide back and manually engage the slide lock or just push the mag release and pull on the magazine at the same time.  If you do not like the locking feature of the kit, you can choose the "non locking follower" that does not engage the bolt face.  When the gun is empty, the slide will close and the mag can be dropped free.

If you have bought the 14+1 Magazine Kit for the M&P Compact and want to upgrade to the 16+1 kit, you can get the basepad on it's own and simply replace the factory basepad.

Remember, these kits are for the M&P-22 Compact and not the full sized M&P22.  You can get 15+1 and 17+1 magazine kits for the full sized M&P22 at Taylor-Tactical-Supply

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