Friday, May 10, 2019

AR15 / AR10 Flat Match Quality Trigger for $30!

I have been running with the Skeletonized Flat Trigger from Bull Moose Tactical for well over a year now. It resides in my SHTF rifle ready to go into action. This trigger is truly a drop-in-trigger and only replaces the GI trigger allowing you to save on cost be using your hammer, disconnector and springs. The geometries of the engagement point is finished nicely and allows for a clean pull every time.

The Flat Straight Trigger itself is designed to reduce the perceived pressure exerted on your trigger finger making you feel less pressure for each trigger pull.

Adding Reduced Power Springs will give the shooter even a lighter trigger pull. No too mention the trigger itself looks great in the gun.

With drop in match triggers starting at over a hundred dollars, this Skeletonized Trigger with reduced power springs with a price tag of $30 is a great drop in solution for those of us on a budget. You can get yours at Taylor Tactical Supply and don't forget to use the Free Shipping Code GUNSTREAMER for free shipping on your order.

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