Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pirates Of Texas State Carbine Match

I recently shot the 2013 Pirates of Texas Carbine Match in Corpus Christi Texas. A Carbine match is a rifle only match consisting of some long range (typically out to 100 yards) and some CQB stages with targets ranging in "Up in Your Face" to less than 100 yards... BTW, those are my favorite. This math was a single day format which mean all stages were shot in one day. There was seven stages all together and I ran into issues on my first stage. My Blackthorn custom rifle that I built (link at the bottom) in my YouTube videos was doubling on me. Its my own fault due to how I place my finger on the trigger. I was threatened to be DQ'd (Disqualified) if I did not resolve the issue. I ended up borrowing a lower from one of the match organizers and shot the rest of the match with it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

STI Ranger II Single Stack 1911 Chambered in 40S&W

The STI Ranger is a commander sized 1911. This particular gun is chambered in the 40 Smith & Wesson as compared to the more popular 45ACP that the typical 1911 represents. This gun has been hard chromed to enhance the performance and wear. A few more additions include STI Recoil Master, Dawson ICE magwell, Dawson front and rear sights and grip panels from 10-8 Performance. Even though this gun has a bull barrel giving added weight to the front, it still recoils like a mother. I do not recommend the 40S&W in this configuration. It's not pleasant to shoot.