Friday, October 27, 2017

Bump Stock "Slide Fire" Bump Fire Stock Review

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Originally posted on YouTube in 2013 as an informational video, it was removed from the server by the company after the Las Vegas Shooting in October 2017, citing that the video promotes violence. This video only speaks to the operation and installation of the right handed version of the slidefire stock for the AR15 and is purely educational. In the video you can expect an honest review hitting on both the positive and negative aspects of the device along with simple operating instructions.

In my opinion, the stock is a fun device to have in your collection. However it can burn through ammunition quickly and drive up your shooting budget. Operating the stock takes some practice which translates into even more rounds sent down range and less money in your pocket. When shooting, you need to focus on the forward pressure on the upper. Too much or too little will cause the rifle to stop firing. The pressure on the upper in conjunction with attempting to keep your sights on target create more things to think about that when shooting semi auto rifles and carbines. In-fact I find shooting the bump stock more cumbersome than shooting a full blown Class 3 Machine gun. But with the price tag associated with a civilian buying a legal fully automatic gun, the bumpsfire stock is as close as you can get for a great price.