Thursday, June 17, 2021

Using 1911 Recoil Springs in your Sig Sauer P320

Tuning your P320 for the performance you want can be difficult. Especially if you are cooking up your own loads that may not be to factory ammunition velocities or Power Factors. Sig specific recoil springs can be hard to find in the weights you want or not found at all. However, 1911 recoil springs can be found in a wide variety of weights. The drawback is that they do not fit the P320 with it's factory guide rod. The way to get around this is to replace the guide rod in your P320 with one that will accommodate 1911 springs. With a simple swap of the guide rod you can now use pretty much any full size 1911 recoil spring to tune your pistol for the function and feel you are looking for.
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Whether you have the standard 320 or the X5, will dictate which recoil guide rod to purchase.
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NicTaylor00 makes color coded recoil springs so you can easily identify the spring you have. gone are the days of looking through your spare parts bin and wondering what spring weight that is. You get them in packs of five: LIGHT / MEDIUM or HEAVY. Or purchase them individually ranging in weight from 7 to 18 pounds.
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