Thursday, May 5, 2016

GSG / Sig Sauer 1911-22lr Compensator

The GSG / Sig 1911-22 compensator is HERE! It's offered in black anodized aluminum or bare silver ready for use or to coat in your own distinct color. The compensator attaches easily to your threaded barrel with out the need to remove your barrel bushing. You can get it on our website

The base of it is milled out to give you clearance between the comp and the barrel bushing but still sit close enough to the muzzle of the gun to give that seamless look. The exit hole on the comp is a 9mm diameter so if you have a speed type holster that uses a muzzle plug to help retain the pistol, it should work in your holster giving you the ability to use your IPSC gear with your 22.

Remove factory thread protector

Screw on and tighten the compensator adapter with a 13mm wrench

Apply red thread locker to the area where the compensator adapter mates up with the compensator

Slide on the compensator and finger tighten the set screw with the included wrench. Take care to line up the flat sides of the compensator with the flat sides of the slide for a clean look. Lock the action open with the slide lock and allow the thread locker to dry according to factory specs. Locking the action open will aliviate any extra thread locker from making contact with the muzzle.