Thursday, October 10, 2013

GSG (German Sport Gunworks) & Sig Sauer 1911 22LR Slide Disassembly and Firing Pin Safety Removal

In these videos I go over the dis-assembly and reassembly of the slide of the Sig Sauer ATI / GSG 1911 22Lr pistol clone. Mainly a breakdown of the "bolt" and its components. Periodically you may need to clean the bolt assembly and this will help with the process. Additionally I will go over the firing pin safety or the "series 80" components and how to defeat them. Why defeat the firing pin safety? There is no real good reason other than to perhaps to "clean up" your trigger pull and lighten it. Sometimes these extra moving parts of the firing pin safety / Series 80, cause more friction with the additional moving parts. By eliminating them it can be possible to get a better trigger. But be warned, bypassing safety features such as this can void warranties and be dangerous.  You can get upgraded parts for your Sig Sauer 1911 or GSG 1911-22 at our site

Tj's 1911 Series '80 To Series '70 Conversion Shims - Frame Slot Filler  Standard  .057''''
Tj's 1911 Series '80 To Series '70 Conversion Shims - Frame Slot Filler Standard .057''''
TJ's 1911 Series '80 to Series '70 Conversion Shims (Frame Slot Filler) replace the gap used by the "Colt Series '80 Firing Pin Block Actuating Levers" when removed by gunsmiths for crisper trigger pulls. It is nessessary to fill this frame gap so the sear will not wander over and lock up the sear / trigger mechanism. Shim/slot filler fits in the frame cutout permitting Series 70 slides and components to be fitted to Series 80 frames. No alteration drop-in fit. Available in the standard .057" width as well as .030" .060" and .065". Mfg: Tjs Custom SPECS: Steel in the-white.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aerial Gunnery - Shooting from a Helicopter

Paradise Helicopters and bring together Aerial Gunnery where shooters get to fly in an MD-500 Helicopter. For my experience I drove to Temple Texas and got to ride in the front of the Helicopter with the pilot for 15 minutes while another shooter sat in one of the rear seats and engaged steel targets while we flew. After 15 minutes had passed it was my turn to take the gunners seat. My son was lucky enough to take a spot in the front seat while I shot. A forth person occupied the other rear seat and served as a safety officer and kept a close eye on the shooter to keep everyone safe. Shooting from a moving vehicle is difficult. Shooting from a helicopter is very difficult. The difficulty is compounded with the anxiety of actually flying in a helicopter, dealing with wired communication, wind, rain, etc... It adds a level of stress that I have not ever encountered. BUT the fun factor is so worth it. Shooting in stressful situations shows your weaknesses for sure. As I always say, "get out of your comfort zone and do a shooting match sometime". You will find shortcomings you never knew you had.

Sitting in the "observer seat"

The gunner sits in the rear behind the pilot

Using a brass deflector is needed to keep flying brass to a minimum inside the aircraft

door gunner vietnam machinegun shooting targets moving
Rearward gun view while performing a mag change

Forward gun view while engaging targets

10 steel targets sit in an open field waiting for a low level pass

Soldiers of Fortune?  Nah, just a whole lot of fun!