Friday, September 18, 2015

Taylor Tactical Website Launched!

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After selling on Ebay and Amazon for the past few years and dealing with the limitations of political correctness when it comes to firearms, we decided to launch our own website. This allows us to showcase our products and others in a more friendly environment. We continue to sell on Ebay and Amazon but having our own site helps with what we can't post on those other places. We will continue to offer products here on the Blog but the website will have a much larger variety and should be much more easier to navigate.

For all your 22 pistol needs remember the website If you are looking just for GSG & Sig Sauer 1911 parts, all you need to remember is We continue to offer calibration spring kits for the full sized 1911 to those looking to enhance the performance of there pistol at Finally we offer a variety of aggressive Grip Tape patterns for various pistols (sold in sets of 3 unlike other merchants).

We are constantly looking to add product to our store. If you have a product and offer dealer pricing, contact us at

Taylor Tactical LLC
13492 Research Blvd
Suite 120, #158
AUSTIN, TX 78750

Due to the nature of this business, and international regulations (ITAR) we are limited in what we can sell to anyone that is not in the United States. At this point only our GripTape decals for various firearms can ship outside the US.  All other international orders will be canceled.