Friday, June 28, 2013

AR-15 Competition Rifle Review - Custom 3-Gun Rifle

The long anticipated review of my custom AR-15 that I assembled here on YouTube last year is finally up. After two 3 Gun matches and countless hunting excursions with this rifle I felt that I had enough information to discuss my likes and dislikes. Remember, with tricking out your AR15, it really boils down to what you want to use it for and what accessories you think look cool and help fulfill your needs. The Bad-Ass selector was a nice addition but make sure that you are comfortable with the ambi side of the safety. I found the flattest one was the best for me and interfered less with my trigger finger.

Since my videos on the assembly instructions on this rifle I've changed only a few things, mainly the trigger and the gas block since the YHM gasblock I used was too bulky for the Troy Industries Free Float handguard I chose. I switched the collapsible stock to a Rogers Superstock. This is the same stock that Colt is shipping there M4 with. This stock is a nice alternative to the Magpul CTR Stock since it locks onto the buffer tube with a locking device similar to the CTR. But the main benefit to the Rogers stock is its ability to be mounted on either a commercial or mil-spec buffer tube.

My main complaint about the Black Rain lower is the integrated trigger guard. That thing has sharp edges and tends to cut into my fingers. For anyone looking to buy a billet AR15 lower, I would try and choose one that does not have an integrated trigger guard. With the amount of manufacturers making AR15 lowers these days and the choices customers have for custom trigger guards, it makes sense not to limit yourself and choose what best fits your needs.

Ar-15/M16 Squid Grip Rail Covers - Squid Grip Rail Covers 7-Pak

Ar-15/M16 Squid Grip Rail Covers - Squid Grip Rail Covers  7-Pak