Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bresser TrueView Konig 1-4x24 Scope REVIEW

Bresser also makes other scopes in addition to the Konig I used on my rifle. The optics are just as clear in my opinion on their other scopes.
Bresser Rifle Scope Konig Rifle Scope (1.5-6x, 42 mm)

As I mentioned in the video, Bresser makes a fairly low cost range finder. There are not that many out there for around $100. My only complaint about this range finder is that the aiming reticle is kinda big if you want to range something 200 or more yards away. But for my purposes, it works just fine. Especially for the price point.


  1. I purchased this scope based on your original video and have been please with the scope overall. I think the fit and finish for a scope under $200 is very impressive. I found the the glass to be clear but on 1x I still see some magnification. For the price I paid, I am still happy with the scope and have no issue tossing it into dump barrels.

  2. Sadly I purchased an additional 1 from MidWay last week. Two other friends also got one. All 3 of our scopes were defective. They all were LESS than 1x when set to the 1x setting. We are sending them back to MidWay. I hope this is not a trend for Bresser.

  3. I used to have this scope by the way and it was a good hunting companion. It also took years after I've upgraded it to a new one. Today, I've been using the Nikon Buckmaster while my hunting buddy uses the Bushnell Elite. We've been comparing notes and so far, these are reliable brands. I've also given a Bushnell Rangefinder for my Dad who preferred the brand. For more reviews online, see this resource site:

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