Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is Wolf and other Steel Cased Ammo Damaging your AR15 ?

There is lots of talk about steel cased ammo like Wolf causing damage to your rifle with that super hard steel case when compared to brass. I personally think there maybe something else at hand. I read a great article in USPSA's May/June 2011 publication of "Front Sight" magazine. The article titled "Steel Core Ammo: Fact and Fiction" was written by Eric Jay Miller and is the basis for my video below. Eric explores the concerns of Bimetal bullets and the possible damage of your rifling's.

Below are a few pictures of the 3 types of bi-metal ammunition I used in this video. The close up pictures clearly show the thin copper layer as compared to the Hornady bullet that I pulled from my ammo purchased from Parabellum Research


  1. The issue I ran into using the Tul, was dealing with feed and eject issues. The powder they use is so dirty it really clogs up the gun. I couldn't even make it through 7 stages in a competition before I started having issues. I was using it in my XDM 5.25 inch 9mm. I stopped using it after that. You need dependable ammo for competitions.

  2. I don't think so that Wolf and other Steel wil Case Ammo Damaging your AR15

  3. The general thought and most common comment I seem to get on this video is that the steel jacket used in the bullet is most likely softer than the steel of your barrel. So most lily none or little wear is happening to the rifleings of the barrel.