Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Started in IPSC or IDPA Shooting Sports

Want to get into competition shooting like IPSC or IDPA? The most common thing keeping new people from trying it is that they think they can't do it. They see all these videos on YouTube of shooters hosing down stages and ripping off shots faster than they have ever seen before. However, a new shooter needs to realize that these people they are watching started out as a new shooter and worked their way up to those speeds. I firmly believe that as a new shooter you should not worry about how fast you can shoot. But rather focus on safe gun handling skills and negotiating the stages as this is most likely the first time you have shot a gun while moving. The other shooters will not ridicule you for your speed since they too know what it is like to start out. And they will never remember how poorly you may have shot, but everyone will remember how unsafe you may have handled your gun. So above all, focus on safety and the rest will fall into line.

Here are a couple of videos I made using the ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder. Check them out for more info and some really cool first person shooting footage.
The second biggest question I get is, "What kind of gun do I need to get?" My standard response to this is, "what ever gun you have will do fine, the most important thing is get out and try the sport". Once you shoot a few matches, you may decide that you may want to upgrade your gun based on your experiences and the advice you get from other shooters. Not too mention seeing all the cool guns the other guys have. But do not feel you need to spend tons of money on a new gun to get started. Here is a few things that you will need: 1) A psitol of 9mm/38 special or larger caliber 2) Holster that covers the trigger of your pistol 3) At least 3 magazines 4) magazine pouches are nice, but not required 5) Eye and Ear Protection 6) An attitude to have fun.

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